What is audio editing?

Audio editing is the process that comes after the recording phase and before the mixing phase. Editing is the process of critically listening to the audio, and finding errors and spots where changes need to be made. We work with state of the art tools and precision to perform tasks such as: time alignment, pitch correction, de-noising, Equalizing, and general clean up of audio.

What We Do

Voiceover Editing

Cleaning up and structuring of voiceovers such as: taking out long pauses, taking out meaningless words such as “uh” “um” etc.. balancing levels and adding any effects.

Audio Clean Up

General cleaning up of audio such as taking out blank spaces, adding fad ins, fade outs, and crossfades.

Podcast Editing

General cleaning and structuring of podcasts. Keeping them within certain time limits. Balancing and making sure every word is heard.

Time Alignment

Time aligning single and multi tracks to a certain tempo or to a certain guide track.

Audio Book Editing

Balancing all elements within the book, taking out pauses and unassociated words, cleaning and structuring vocals of the reader to be heard clearly.

Pitch Correction

Correcting and centering pitch for vocals, guitars, pianos, and other melodical and polyphonic recordings

Clean Edits For Songs

Editing out innapropriate words and phrases  using backspins, total cuts, and other creative effects for songs that are intended for radio release



Lessening or taking out any noise that may be present in recordings such as hums, buzzes, reverb, delays, or environmental noises.

Documentary editing

Creating and molding together audio for a documentary and syncing it with video to bring together the final documentary.

Interview editing

Cleaning up, balancing and matching voices in an interview to be heard clear and at the same level.

Radio Commercials

Balancing and cleaning up voice over vocals with jingle music and sound effects to create a cohesive and professional commercial ad.



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