Hello everyone! Welcome to the ‘Featured Artist of the Month page.’ Every month we will choose one artist that has stood out to us to showcase their skills and help spread the word of their music. There truly are some hidden gems out there and we want to make sure the world can notice them and give them the respect they deserve for their art. The selection is based  on creativity, quality of the mix, quality of the content, and originality. If you love your art then you will make sure all of these are on point and display your true passion.

What You Get.

Each of these features lasts for the duration of 1 month (28 days)

  • A full blog post about you and your song/project.
  • Showcase on our home page viewed by thousands per month.
  • Promotion of your song/project on all of our social media profiles.
  • Email blasts to all of our email lists.
  • Your song, or a song within your project will also be placed on our F.A.M. mixtape which will be released at the beginning of the following year.

If you would like to submit an entry, your song/project must be professional quality and represent your best efforts.


How To be Featured Artist Of The Month

  1. Fill out the form to the right.
  2. We will then look over your submission and get back to you with our available dates
  3. Once a month has been chosen, there is a fee of $50 to officially book your promotion (If your song or project is produced by The Lokkz Music, you get the promotion for FREE!)
  4. We will then create the blog post/showcase and schedule it to be published on the first day of that month,

Submit Your Song

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