What is Mastering?

Mastering is a very important process in music production. It is also the last process the music goes through before its ready for CD replication and duplication. Mastering involves working with the stereo mix of a song only. This is where the final balancing is done to the song using professional mastered reference material to compare the levels of each range of frequencies. These ranges include low frequencies (20hz-150hz), low-mid frequencies (150hz-500hz), mid frequencies (500hz-2Khz), high-mid frequencies (2Khz-7Khz),  and high frequencies (7Khz-20Khz). We use state of the art mastering software and gear to bring these levels to broadcasting standards.


Please read instructions carefully before moving forward. All instructions must be followed to prevent any re-sending of files.

1.) Make sure there are no peaks over -3db on the master track. Export final mix of your song into a stereo wav file. The file should be 24bit at 44.1K/48K or 32bit at 88.8K/96K

2.) Create a new folder on your desktop and name this folder  (SongTitleMaster_YourName_Date). Place your stereo wave file in this folder, then create another folder within the main folder. Name this folder (SongTitleMaster_Reference_Date). Place your reference tracks in this folder.

(For full albums, crete a folder named NameOfAlbum_YourName_Date. Place folder of each song inside this folder.)

3.) Compress the folder by right-clicking and choosing compress. Click the folder icon below and upload your files. 

4.) Fill out the form below to complete your request. Allow 1-3 days to receive a response. Then you will receive an invoice to purchase your service. You may pay with credit/debit card or PayPal. Please email me for any other payment methods.

5.) Once finalized you will receive a High Quality 44.1k/16bit wav file  for CD and a 96k 24bit AAC file for digital streaming and downloading.


Click the folder to the left and upload your files. Once your session is uploaded, fill out the form below. Make sure you include all details of your project including your budget, your time frame, and any reference tracks you would like us to listen to. Please allow up 1 to 3 business days for us to review your request and send you a quote.

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