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Bronze Music Production Package



This package includes: 1 Basic lease for a beat from our catalog (Untagged MP3), and pro mixing and mastering for the song.


Author: Tyler Grissom

Hey everyone! I’m Tyler! CEO and founder of The Lokkz Music. I’ve been producing, writing, composing, and engineering music for 10 years. I started writing lyrics and making beats when I was 14 just to have fun and express myself. I soon teamed up with a friend of mine to create a rap group by the name of T-Note and T-Rae. We spent over a year writing and recording our first mixtape which consisted of full remixes of popular songs, as well as a few original pieces. After the release of our mixtape we changed our name to “Prodesti” and began working on new material. This time all original stuff. During this time I became more fascinated with the production and engineering side of things. I started my own freelance engineering services while attending Atlanta Institute Of Music where I went for 2 years and received an Associates degree in Recording and music production. In 2015 I decided to expand my production and share my art with the world by creating The Lokkz Music, A full music production company offering recording, beats, mixing, and mastering for any artist that wants to get creative and expand their network!

So if you are looking for some dope beats for sale, check out my beat store here:

Additional information

Basic lease

This includes an untagged MP3 file of the beat and a basic license to use the song.

Pro Mixing

A 4 hour mixing session

Pro Mastering

A 1 hour mastering session


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