Silver Music Production Package



This package includes: 1 Unlimited lease for a beat from our catalog (With trackouts included), pro mixing and mastering for the song, distribution and promotion, and a 30 minute consultation to discuss marketing for the song.

Additional information

Premium Lease

This license includes access to the trackouts to the beat. You will be allowed to sell up to 5,000 copies digitally or physically. You are allowed to make $5,000 in performance profits, and $5,000 in streaming profits. You also have unlimited sync licensing to be used for a monetized video.

Pro Mixing

A 4 hour pro mixing session for your song

Pro Mastering

A 1 hour mastering session to finalize your song.

15 minute consultation

A 15 minute chat to discuss marketing strategies for the song. This can be done through voice or video chat.


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