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“The Lokkz has a signature sound that is easy to make classic songs to” – @RudyMagnifico

“His enthusiasm is infectious and he always contributes great ideas. He has a keen ear and keeps your goals in mind while working hard to maximize your project. ” – @JustinLCroft


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Conscious Living | Conscious Rap Beat Prod. By The Lokkz Music | Beats For Sale

Follow Me: facebook Twitter LinkedIn tumblr Instagram For this weeks installment of #BeatReleaseThursday we bring to you a dope conscious rap beat titled "Conscious Living". This track features a spooky awakening synth pad accompanied by strings, electric bass, piano,...

The Lokkz’ Dopest Bars Challenge Round 4 Winners

Follow Me: facebook Twitter LinkedIn tumblr Instagram It was a long ride as every artist prepared for the Dopest Bars Challenge. From the first listen of the beats, to laying their bars on wax and submitting what they perceived as the "dopest bars." While the...

Welcome Family

Music is vibrational therapy that can heal the mind, body, and soul. When putting our efforts into harmony and words we can directly inspire those around us, as well as those around the world. Lets create positive energy and spark those minds! Get started today by...