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new instrumental album

Summer Vibez


I would love to share the story about

how this project came about, but if you don’t

have time for that, just scroll down to the streaming section and check out the

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It all started back in March of 2016.

Some friends and I were vacationing in Anna Maria Island, Florida.

Everyone is having a great time just riding around.

Windows down enjoying the weather and the views.

When we ride,

I am always the DJ in the car.

Choosing what songs we experience this journey to.

As I am going back and forth to different CDs

(Because I still love to use CDs instead of just plugging in an Aux)

to keep the vibes consistent,

I start thinking to myself.

“I should make a project that is specifically for occasions like this. When you are just riding by the beach, windows down and the wind blowing, you need some great music to match that energy.”

That birthed the concept of

So when we got back home the following week 

I began to craft each track.

I made sure I kept the memories of all of my summer experiences

in mind and used that as the inspiration for each track.

I of course wanted to stick to theme of the beach,

so I used instruments such as ukulele, Acoustic Guitar, Steel drums, congas, and many others

to create the basic structures and concepts of each song.

Some of these concepts were actually wrote on the beach!

All in all though, this project was made to let people listen and ponder on the most beautiful things in life.


To uplift someone on a gloomy day.

To give someone a mental escape to an island far away

so their mind can drift with the sound waves

as if the ocean was rising to their feet.

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Stay Dope!