The Introduction

North Carolina native Butta, is a young emerging MC and cofounder of FYE/AAMG Records. Currently performing in a variety of venues throughout the Southeast, with a distinguished style that embraces the sound of the 90’s within todays Hip-Hop scene. A southern female lyricist, with a sound that has never before been duplicated.

The Description

Unfortunate is a chill wavey synth Hip-Hop track featuring ET on the hook. This is a song about taking your success and path into your own hands, building yourself up and believing in yourself instead of waiting for other’s to believe in you. Butta makes it clear that she came to a realization that she needed to just believe to believe in herself, work hard and sacrifice whatever she needed to make it to where she wanted to be. And if nobody else believed in her, they would regret once they saw how her hard work has paid off and see her shine.

The Strengths

The best part of this song is the verse that Butta spits. She flows so smoothly and it makes it clear why her name is
Butta. Her lyrics are rapid and full of passion and dedication. The realism and “to the point” style of delivery is impeccable. This song gives you insight to her life as she explains missing date nights, losing sleep, and writing lyrics until her head hurt. She then explains the result of this hard work, stating she could kill an MC with one rhyme and that her dedication has given her a blessed gift of wordplay, lyricism, and a great flow. The 2nd strength of this song is the bridge/outro. With lyrics inspired by the Outkast song Git Up, Git Out, Et repeats the lyrics” You gotta get up, get out, and get something…” in a dreamy manner that almost makes you feel like you are waking up from a dream. This bridge brings a nice relaxing feel to the song and serves as a perfect ending.

The Weaknesses

The main area of this song that could use improvement is the hook. While the lyrics are motivating and the melody is catchy I feel the performance can be more passionate and mixed differently to bring more depth and emphasis. The mix of the hook vocals compared the the verse vocals are way different. The hook vocals appear to be more thin and quieter than the verses, when they should rise with the energy of the music and explode a little more into something moving and powerful.

The Verdict

With that being said, overall this song sounds great, has a great message, and captures the essence of a motivated artist on their way to success.

Score: 8.5

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