The Introduction

T.E.E. (Tenacious Endangerment to Everything) is a young man from North Carolina that is very gifted at what he does. Since the age of five T.E.E. has been rapping mainly because he wanted attention. Growing up in a household that primarily listened to hip hop, it was a matter of time before T.E.E. Started making songs and finding a path of his own.

The Description

What You Say is a song with a southern Florida/Texas hip hop influence that is meant to uplift and motivate you. To teach you to only listen and pay attention to things that can benefit your life and help you grow and flourish. The song is about how T.E.E. doesn’t care to hear from anyone who is just going to bring him down and throw hate on his way of life. It starts with a catchy hook performed by Greg Dos giving you the overall vibe to the song right off the bat. In the background you can hear T.E.E. say that if you aren’t contributing to his successful or saying things that can benefit him and help him develop as an artist and person, he doesn’t care for your opinion. The rest of the song keeps this same theme with him talking about various moments that he had to stay strong on his own and prove people wrong.How friends have turned to enemies simply because they showed their true colors and stopped supporting. He makes it clear that none of this matters to him, he is going to keep being successful no matter what.

The Strengths

The biggest strength in this song is the chorus. Greg Dos delivers a solid performance of motivating lyrics done with a triplet rhythmic pattern. The melody and rhythm is catchy and lifts you up, immediately capturing you into the song. The other key factors to this song is the way T.E.E. delivers his message, straight to the point, with great confidence and passion, you can definitely feel how he is feeling and you may even relate. If so, his lyrics will motivate you, especially if you have been put down or doubted recently, his lyrics will show you that the negativity doesn’t matter, to keep moving forward and staying focused. The mix and quality of the song was also professional, well balanced and clean. The effects on the hook were nice and helped emphasize it, the verse vocals were pushed a little to the back, and this will make you listen even closer to hear what he has to say.

The Weaknesses

I can honestly say that I didn’t find any weaknesses in this song, the structure was solid, the energy stayed consistent and it kept me engaged. If anything, as a preference of my own, the song could be a little more dynamic. Meaning it could have some change ups that will transition the energy and serve as a release, and then build it back up to create a climax of the song.

The Verdict

Overall, this track does a great job at motivating and lifting people up. The quality is professional and it can easily be a commercially played song.

Score: 9.0


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