Have you ever went out on a limb? Wore your heart on your sleeve? Or bent over backwards for someone who didn’t show appreciation or care for your feelings? Well that’s exactly what this month’s featured artist Timothy Payn was expressing in his new single “Black Rose”. As the Grand Rapids native sits on the phone and pours his feelings out to someone that meant a lot to him, he does a great job at making us feel like we are right there going through it with him.To put the icing on the cake, he has Taylor Jones sing a heart gripping powerful chorus that really shows vulnerability, but shows strength at the same time! If you are going through a hard time in any kind of relationship in your life, you need to play this track and listen closely. The single was also produced, mixed and mastered by The Lokkz Music. If you like this track don’t forget to share it and subscribe to his channel to stay updated with new music!


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